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USA Ware House Plant Extract Powder Stock List
Jan 18, 2017

        Xi'an Lucky Clover Biotech Co.,Ltd,we are a 15 years plant extract manufacture.we have established our own warehouse near long beach port in Los Angeles USA.We can send our products though UPS from USA directly.So customers from USA,you can enjoy the fastest delivery for only two days as soon as you take orders with us.

         Below is our "USA warehouse plant extract stock list”  for your referance.



Product ListSpecificationQty(kg)
White peony root extractpaeoniflorin 10%450.0
Eleutherococcus senticosus extractB+E 0.8%450.0
Horny goat weed extract(Epimedium Extact)Icariin 10%225.0
Horny goat weed extract(Epimedium Extact)Icariins 5%225.0
St.Johns.Wort ExtractHypericin 0.3%450.0
Aloe barbaloin extractAloin 20%450.0
Mulberry leaf ExtractFlavonoids 1.0%450.0
Mulberry leaf ExtractFlavonoids 2.0%450.0
Mulberry leaf ExtractFlavonoids 3.0%450.0
Hawthorn leaf extractFlavonoids 1.0%450.0
Pomegranate Rind ExtractPolyphenols 40%225.0
White willow bark extractSalicin 15%450.0
White willow bark extractSalicin 25%450.0
Globe artichoke extractChlorogenic Acid 2.5%100.0
Green Coffee Bean ExtractChlorogenic Acid 10%225.0
Green Coffee Bean ExtractChlorogenic Acid 50%225.0
Sophora japonica extractRutin 95% NF11 HPLC300.0
Sophora japonica extractQuercetin Dihydrate 95% HPLC300.0
Rhodiola Rosea Extractrosavins3% solidroside 3.0%600.0
Raspberry Fruit Extractraspberry ketone 4%100.0
Goji Berry Extractpolysaccharide 50%200.0
Ginger Extractginerol 5%100.0
Reishi Mushroom Extractpolysaccharide 60%100.0
Yohimbe Bark ExtractYohimbine 2%400.0
Grape seed extract95% OPC900.0
Red Yeast Rice Extract0.20%675.0
Tribulus Terrestris Extract40% saponins675.0
Maca Extract 10:1900.0
Rhodiola Rosea ExtractSalidroside 3.0%450.0
Citrus ExtractFlavonoids 5%900.0
Broccoli Extract10:1675.0