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Star Anise Extract Shikimic Acid 10% --98%
Apr 04, 2012

Herb Source: Isoln from the fruit of the oriental plant Illicium religiosun Sieb

Active ingredient: Shikimic acid

CAS No.: 138-59-0

Appearance: White needle powder

Molecular Formula: C7H10O5

Molecular Weight: 174.15

Melting point &  Solubility: mp185~187 degrees. Freely soluble in water(18g/100ml), Soly in abs alcohol (2.25g/100m) at 23 degrees. Practically insoluble in chloroform, benzene and petr ether. 

Specification: 10-98%

Assay method: HPLC

Star anise or Aniseed is a popular spice that is mainly produced in India, China and the Philipines.It is has a similar flavor to regular anise and one may be substituted for the other in cooking.

【Main Effect】This product has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects,shikimic acid can be use as anti-viral and anti-cancer drug intermediates.

【another name】Star Anise Extract 、Shikimic Acid 、Illicium verum、anise、anisum fruit、chinese star anise、anseed 、foeniculum vulgare mill、fenel、Foeniculum vulgare etc.

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