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Shaan Xi Plant Extract Association‘s Annual Meeting
Jan 12, 2017

Shaan Xi Plant Extract Association held the 3rd annual meeting on 7th-8th,January.

A two-day "shaanxi plant extract industry association founded the congress and phytochemistry 2016 Spring Festival evening gala fellowship and peak BBS" held successfully!The founding conference, from all over the country more than 320 phytochemistry enterprises came to congratulate, as many as 580 people attended.Conference scale in shaanxi province and even the Chinese are all unprecedented.The second day of the academic BBS, from "prospects and challenges", "big data", "responsibility", "phytochemistry trend", "technology" and "phytochemistry innovation" six dimensions fully unfolded, dry goods, both breadth and depth, is not from some in shaanxi province, is also rare in the country.

Shaanxi is one of the birthplace of phytochemistry in China, at present China's phytochemistry, engaged in the company more than 600, production of more than 2000 kinds of varieties.With the growing scale (15 years in a row, the average growth of 25% a year), the industry needs a association, set up industry standards, regulate the industry, such as layout of industry in the future, in order to promote the healthy and orderly development of industry.Phytochemistry association of shaanxi province in 62 and will enterprises joint efforts, arises at the historic moment.At the conference, the first President of the association of zhi-gang shen formally put forward: "make shaanxi plant extracts high-end manufacturing center" for the association of common mission, goals.