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A Special Experience
Sep 05, 2016

Taking Them to Enjoy Nature If You Love Them


To enhance mutual exchanges and the team power,but also to let the colleagues enjoy green nature and relax, our company held “two days tours in Fengxian County”  in this hot summer.

Taking away the whole week busyness and fatigue, in the face of beautiful sunset, we started on a oxygen journey on August 26, 2016.


Fengxian County called Phoenix before, the ridge north of Qinling Mountains, south of Zibai Shan where the Jialing River originated in, has long been known as "Qin Shu throat and has the the reputation of Han North Suoyue . The territory around the mountains, rivers and fresh air, which is called the Qinling Mountains- natural oxygen bar.


In the morning light,by the birdsong and cool breeze, we came to the Xiaozai Temple which is located in the north shore of Jialing River. Viewing from a distance, there were many worshippers visiting here, which formed a unique cultural landscape at the whole area.


Taking a sincere heart, we climbed the temple with thousands years in order to pray for dispelling disaster and other bad things.


In this mood, we went into the Douji Shan and took many a picture in that fantastic surroundings, then we set out again. There were many steep steps to the top of the Xiaozai Temple, we had to hand in hand to keep moving, encouraging each other with funny jokes to clam never. In such amazing atmosphere, we reached at the top of the temple. Standing in the place that monks practice meditation; and looking the long meandering flow, then the endless mountains showed up in the distance. We felt we were free in body and mind full of sense of accomplishment. We were very pleasant and headed for the next destination in laughter.

   Next we came to the Qiang Cultural Park of Fengxian County. Speaking to this cultural park that include ancient architectural complex, Jinsha ancient town, Stone Qiang Village, Qiang style garden and other scenic spots. The total area of the park is more than 10000 square meters, which is the core area of the ancient Qiang culture inheritance and protection.

Due to the large area of the park, we rent some bikes flying to the various attractions like wind. we were singing songs all the way in high mood, then we experienced the customs and tasted the unique characteristic diets of the Qiang People. In their enthusiastic invitation, we danced a stunning“Feng Fei Qiang”. At that moment, we were all like children without any upset.


Leaving the Qiang Cultural Park, the next stop is the Lingguan Gorge. The valley is static and deep, clear water, rugged rock formations. We could not help breathing deeply when we watched the amazing scenery, and you could even hear “wow’ from every single one. Finally, we went back the grange to have a rest.

It was another scenery for us to have a BBQ party in the farm. We did everything by ourselves, everyone had his job. And we got ready what we needed in one hour.  When we saw the delicious roast, we all licked our lips. The most interesting thing was that every man to be as gentleman even they desired to taste one. That was a funny picture. We gathered together, toasting, dancing and singing. At that moment, we were all free like birds.


The party lasted until midnight, we cleared up the pieces. However, it seemed like we lingered on and did not miss every moment we have been in. There was someone whom proposed to go for a walk along the river side. We had a game Truth or Brave, the one who needed to tell a story about himself when he failed in the game. No matter what the story was, we all had a lot of fun in that situation. In the end, that night was harmonious even the sweet dream.


Because of the crazy night, we all got up lately. But you could tell that every body was happy there. We did not mess up the nest plan even we kept late hours. And the last destination was Tongtian River National Forest Park. 


The park showed up its real face after one half hour. It was said the park was one of places Tongseng went through to the west. The river in this park was wriggled to the sky, which the reason its name came from.  

There were three scenic spots in the park, including Xihe Temple, Alpine Forest and the Lotus Hill. The distinctive features of the forest park are primary vegetation, winding paths and waterfall. After wandered about the natural bar corridor, passed through the One-Line-Sky that means the mountain road is very narrow just for one person to go, we arrived at the top of Lotus Hill eventually. And there was a fantastic picture-the dog was barking into the sun, which was a stone looks like that. When we looked back the road we passed, everything was small in the foot of the mountain. We all agreed that nature is a wonder, and we have to protect it for ourselves. We are all small in the face of nature.

We turned back to Xi’an after having the lunch. We were all exhausted and slept in the bus, and we were in a full of happiness. The remarkable landscapes, laughter, warm, we achieved a lot of beautiful things that we want to cherish in our heart.

We not only admired the amazing things, delighted the heart, but also tied up our solidarity, sense of honor and belong. At last, we had to thanks our company to offer an opportunity to know about each other more and more. The best gratitude is to achieve the aim we planed in the beginning with full state and zealous heart.